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If FCC knows alleged invention of the Internet , Net Neutrality ?

Internet 1987

Internet 1987

<h1> If the Internet is named as a public utility , then the federal government should declare Eminent Domain </h1> <h2>The Internet is the intellectual property of the Inventor and there is an inventor of Internet 2</h2>

While the argument rages about Net Neutrality and the FCC , Chairman Wheeler decides whether to name the Internet as a utility – what happens to the rights of the inventor ?  The true internet inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman whose name is never mentioned by the government has not yet been credited or compensated for her invention .  If you are wondering why an invention that supposedly has existed since 1969 , but yet was never heard of until around 1995 the reason is it was not invented  until 1990 .

The inventor who says that her ideas on commercializing telecom and using cyberspace shared by a network of computer users as an alternate marketplace are what prompted the National Science Foundation to order a build out of the NSFnet ( a holding place for the defunct prior telecom networks ) .   This build-out or Commercialization of telecom described in the image below is what created the ever evolving and expansive internet of today – referred to the industry insiders as Internet 2 .

Dorothy M. Hartman who is a retired science teacher and inventor is responsible for the transformation which has resulted in the huge and tremendously successful Internet of today which now reaches practically every area of the planet . She is female , African-American and disabled .  She claims that these are the reasons why the government literally stole the invention giving others credit for it and opportunity to profit while ignoring her .

Her correspondence to the government extended for over two years and there is a paper trail of her ideas and their reviews by government officials . However, once her ideas were confiscated as she alleges which was earlier on and by 1991 the transformation was underway – she was denied funding and recognition.  If the Internet is changed into a utility as the inventor alleges that it was never the property of the federal government in the first place because it is in violation of her constitutional rights – then Eminent Domain should be declared and she compensated according to the law . ” Others talk about inventing the Internet .  I have proof and historical documentation exists . Yet nary a word while the Goliaths talk about Net Neutrality and try to carve out Internet Property “.

Hartman 2008 Comments before FCC. 1st 5 pages

The Internet has never been so good as it now accommodating billions from all over the world , but its inventor Dorothy M. Hartman who is the mind behind this creation which now consists of vast amounts of cyberspace – used by tech and ecommerce corporations to make billions of dollars has not fared so well . The seamless structure contributed to by the ideas of this inventor which results in waves of cyberspace transmitting different kinds of transactions simultaneously all over the world has not been associated with her at all .

The government is keeping mum about it because it has declared itself by default to be the originator of this new Internet – which began in this country but starting with NAFTA and other international trade agreements has been propagated all over the world . The Inventor alleges that the government provided the funding but the ideas came from her . She has not been attributed a dime of compensation nor any recognition .

She says that those who were struggling to innovate from their apartments and garages limited by the telecom structure before 1990 which some today still refer to as the Internet 1 or “internetting projects” have been given the credit and allowed to prosper while she has suffered defamation and pecuniary loss . Responsible for this is the government’s illegal confiscation of her intellectual property while violating her property rights . The usual motivations : institutionalized racism , oppression , greed , and arrogance . The same broken policies that are now unraveling the economy and pushing conditions on the planet beyond sustainable and habitable conditions for existence .

Her Patent Application #11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the process she alleges ushered in today’s modern Internet is a business method which showed how to meld business to technology in a seamlessly integrated structure built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers , modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman thereby giving the Internet the ability to grow and expand.
Hartman Proposal Coversheet to Federal Government Program

Copy of image-4

Commercialization in 1990-1991 transformed the Internet

Commercialization in 1990-1991 transformed the Internet


The models and ideas submitted to the federal government by Hartman has created the Internet of today , Internet 2. Her ideas account for the reasons why the Internet is both flexible and expansive , and now prosperous The reduction of her business method , Accessing Accessibility to practice created a virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can occur . Her simplified structures or figures taught how the communicable devices can be linked via internet service providers presenting an integrated unit capable of tremendous expansion . This is a different model from the rather rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom structure which were based on the Arpanet . Although her invention has circulated trillions of dollars through this economy and throughout the world producing more jobs and innovation than any other invention in history – she alleges that the federal government is still disrespecting her and her contributions by violating her civil and constitutional rights .

The Inventor has filed a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus with the U.S. Supreme Court asking that a Writ issue to force the United States Patent and Trademark Office to obey what are the current laws of the land in referencing the issue of patents . At the very least , the inventor is hoping that she will be properly compensated for her intellectual contributions which have enhanced this nation as justice has been too long delayed . Indeed this invention which some hail as the greatest of the 20th Century is unprecedented and has revolutionized the way that the world does business . Learn more here http://www.smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com

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