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Net Neutrality or Bigger Government

Alleged Inventor of Internet 2 says , ” I do not wish to rule over the Internet- I am only a human being “.

I do wish to be credited for my invention which is considered by some to be the greatest invention of the 20th Century

My rights should not be steamrolled over by the FCC Commission or the Federal Government because of my skin color

It was the Accessing Accessibility method proposed by the Inventor that made telecommunications accessible to businesses and ordinary consumers and created the Internet 2 or the modern day Internet . Read more at her blog http://www.TelecomStraightTalk.com

Excerpts from Hartman 1990.thru.1991.Proposals

Hartman 2008 Comments before FCC. 1st 5 pages

Be careful what you wish for . The Internet under full control of the government would be like Big Government on Steroids !!!! Is that really the answer ? Or some type of compromise position ? The CEO of ABFYSELLERS GROUP alleges that she is the Inventor of Internet 2 is skeptical of the impending FCC Decision to be made by the FCC Commission and announced by FCC Chairman Wheeler in a few days . One of the FCC Commissioners , Ajit Pai appeared on Larry King’s POLITICKING show . In his interview he showed a 300+ page document that has not been shared with the public but will be voted upon by the FCC Commission within the coming days . Ajit Pai indicated that the vote will probably be a 3-2 Decision to approve . Should the Public push to know exactly what it is that will be voted upon and approved by the FCC Commission ? The FCC Commission consists of 5 members . What is known about exactly what they will be voting on ? Net Neutrality may be a myth . What more invasions of privacy or restrictions that populace may be subjected to ? Perhaps what is needed are regulations to improve the status of the Internet as it already is . The Internet appears to be working okay as is . The problem is not he Internet but those who use it . The problem is those who use it to accomplish negative results that upset the balance of things . Or when it is used as a bigotry and racism tool to deny a Black inventor any rights – even though an Internet which is accessible to all exists because of her contributions .

There is no particular expertise here – just observation and opinions. Net Neutrality is a good concept to keep the Internet accessible to businesses and consumers alike . Net Neutrality already exists to a large extent . The problems are those that try to upset the apple cart by negative activity that either intrudes or extrudes excessively . Perhaps what is needed is a larger FCC Commission or more Commissions to ponder such huge problems .

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