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Who Really Invented the Internet ?

Who really invented the internet?

We read so much about it and it seems every one in the technology has played a role in internet invention. But , is that really true ? No , says this inventor – any more than the persons who invented bells and coils were also the inventor of the first telephone that used them . This inventor alleges that she is the Inventor of Internet 2 or today’s INTERNET . For those of you who do not know what Internet 2 is or have never heard of it – this inventor who is a retired science teacher and entrepreneur has a different story to tell other than the one that you may have heard . The Internet 2 was invented when the National Science Foundation commissioned the Merit Networks along with others to commercialize the NSFnet . The NSFNET or National Science Foundation Net was actually a holding place for what had basically become a defunct telecom network based on the Arpanet . This Internet or what some refer to as Internet 1 had existed from the beginnings of the earliest telecom communications from about 1969 through 1989 when those networks mostly referred to as the Internetting Projects were retired and basically became what was called the NSFnet . In 1990 , Hartman a retired science teacher presented to the federal government her ideas of running a business from home using telecommunications . “ The rest is history , says Hartman . A history that so far has not included me in its accounting .” The Information Superhighway as nicknamed by Al Gore ( whom some credit as having invented the Internet )really took off around 1994 and morphed into what we now call the “Internet” . Most videos seem to indicate a hodgepodge of inventors but Internet 2 is distinctly different from Internet 1 which by 1989 had become defunct. The following is a video of the personal biography of Dorothy M. Hartman who presented to the federal government innovative ideas which resulted in the present day Internet or Internet 2 http://videobam.com/widget/EfhEv

Ms. Hartman alleges that this tremendous expansion and resultant success which went on to build the telecom industry after Commercialization is based on the ideas which she submitted to the federal government seeking funding for her own telecom start-up Talk Shoppe Inc. a prototype telecommunications services company . Hartman who is a Science Educator with a Bachelor of Science Education degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania says that she taught in her proposals to the federal government in 1990 how to make the telecom industry successful by commercializing it . The tremendous growth and expansion of the modern day internet or what some refer to as Internet 2 was caused by a transformation in the structure of telecom and how it works . Based on the Hartman model of Accessing Accessibility which is the name that she gave to her proposals – Hartman showed the government that by placing transactions such as the transfer of goods , services ,and , information online would grow Commerce . This inventor was the first to realize that using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternate marketplace where transactions could occur would not only be beneficial but profitable . Hartman says that it denied her funding , but copied her ideas to transform the defunct telecom networks into what is now a successful Internet which is continuing to expand . She has filed in the Supreme Court for what she alleges are her intellectual property rights

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