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Is truth indeed stranger than fiction ?

Meet ‘ Alpha Kitty’ or ‘Grumpy Cat’ depending on your perspective

This Inventor alleges that she has even been made the butt of jokes on the Internet from those she alleges worked out of their homes and garages before 1990 and are now wealthy beyond their wildest dreams . She can only hope that videos such as the one below are made in jest and good fun . She alleges that those ‘in the know’ on the web are acquainted with her claims and since she once hosted lots of pictures of cats which are her favorite pets on her company’s facebook page – that she is the butt of the joke in the video.


Ironically truth is sometimes stranger than fiction . The Inventor added the ” Alpha Kitten ” button .

The Success of the Internet has not been due to ” Magic” . Within this Blog you will find a different perspective on the history of the Internet according to a black inventor , Dorothy M. Hartman, CEO of ABFY SELLERS GROUP who claims her invention produced the Internet behind the growth and success of technology and ecommerce . Aside from the humor used to introduce the blog , here you will find the reasons for this inventor’s filing before the United States Supreme Court her allegations of fraud and being robbed not only of her legacy as inventor of Internet 2 , but the huge financial losses suffered as a result of what she alleges is intention discrimination by the United States government . Excerpts from a few publications are found below :


Dorothy M. Hartman , retired science teacher , inventor , and entrepreneur alleges that it was her ideas that made the difference in transforming a struggling Internet or “Internetting Projects” into the successful , burgeoning industry of today . on Commercializing Telecommunications and making a network of computers and phones for online businesses that changed the industry in 1990′s making it a success . Although her ideas have set ecommerce and technology rocketing all the way to the bank , she still remains in obscurity – the government refusing to pay her or acknowledge her for the use of her intellectual property . This Internet did not exist from 1969 – 1990 . Explore documents here within Telecomstraighttalk to see Hartman’s side of Internet history and note the dates of publication of documents shown. That quality that the Internet has of spreading around the world is not just due to technology but to the creative ideas of this woman that set the ” spreading around in motion”. Although the telecom industry had been around for almost 30 years before her contributions but it is improbable that you knew of its existence less more participated in it . Your presence online is due to the intellectual contributions of this woman – yet she has been denied so much as honorable mention by the federal government. The government has grown more powerful and given generous corporate welfare to corporations to prosper but has not compensated or given credit to the inventor . The Internet was not known or used by the public until after 1990 or what she alleges is the advent of Internet 2 .

Hartman petitioned the Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari to challenge or reopen the Decision by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals , the decision entered in March 2013 . A downloadable PDF of that decision is here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 . The Court denied the Writ of Certiorari in November 2013 without issuing an opinion . Hartman has since filed a Writ of Mandamus docketed May 2014 as she alleges that there was malfeasance in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that her Constitutional Rights were and continue to be violated in its refusal to grant a patent . Hartman alleges that using “indefiniteness” as an excuse not to award the patent is simply a code term for the fact that the Internet has grown immensely and continues to grow .

Hartman says that the size of the INTERNET should not preclude her as being named its inventor as inventions can be based on transforming something from one state of being to another state of being . Nor should the size preclude her from being awarded or compensated for the dramatic effect that her invention has had on the economy or the way the world does business . The size is a characteristic of its success . What she alleges are primarily the reasons why she is being ignored in spite of her dramatic contributions are her skin color and disability . Hartman is African-American , female , and suffers from a disabling nervous disorder. This way the federal government does not have to acknowledge her , pay her , or declare Eminent Domain for the Internet if the USPTO can accomplish an illegal regulatory taking . Hartman alleges that she is being deliberately discriminated against because of her David – like status in this David/Goliath struggle of what has become an overwhelming abuse of governmental authority because her intellectual property has been confiscated for 25 years without paying or crediting her in anyway . The government has become more powerful and corporations richer because of the growth of the Internet while the inventor has been squeezed out .



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