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Who Really Invented the Internet ?

Who really invented the internet? We read so much about it and it seems every one in the technology has played a role in internet invention. But , is that really true ? No , says this inventor – any more than the persons who invented bells and coils were also the inventor of the … Continue reading

Net Neutrality or Bigger Government

Alleged Inventor of Internet 2 says , ” I do not wish to rule over the Internet- I am only a human being “. I do wish to be credited for my invention which is considered by some to be the greatest invention of the 20th Century My rights should not be steamrolled over by … Continue reading

Internet Inventor Publishes Brief for Denied Certiorari

Inventor publishes Brief of Petition for Certiorari , denied by the Supreme Court in November 2013 See Brief below in 3 parts in downloadable PDFs . Appendix was removed and sensitive information blotted out for Privacy . This Brief is from another petition filed by the Inventor in the fall of 2013 regarding her alleged … Continue reading

If FCC knows alleged invention of the Internet , Net Neutrality ?

<h1> If the Internet is named as a public utility , then the federal government should declare Eminent Domain </h1> <h2>The Internet is the intellectual property of the Inventor and there is an inventor of Internet 2</h2> While the argument rages about Net Neutrality and the FCC , Chairman Wheeler decides whether to name the … Continue reading

What is involved in Net Neutrality ?

The Internet is vast and there is a lot of discussion regarding Internet neutrality . Is the Internet a Public Utility ? What are some of the actual topics and concepts being presented ? Read the following article : Title: Obama’s Wireless Stimulus Package Plan Details: The Money Broadcast Spectrum Auction: One of the key … Continue reading

Black Internet Inventor Seeks End To Exploitation

Dorothy M. Hartman who claims invention of the Internet through changes to Telecom which have resulted in information and multimedia access Internet – alleges that her constitutional and civil rights are being flagrantly violated. These changes introduced in her business method proposals to the federal government entitled “Accessing Accessibility” is what created the Information Superhighway … Continue reading

Black Female Claims Invention of the Internet

Hartman’s Ideas Conveyed to Federal Government 1990 A Black female inventor who claims invention of the Internet in probably what is an unprecedented move in history files two Writs with the United States Supreme Court . Above is a portion of the proposal(s) which she submitted to the U.S. federal government and which she alleges … Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to the TelecomStraightTalk.com Blog or TST/Blog . How did we go from using computers basically for data entry to a digital world in less than a quarter of a century ? Here you will explore the other side of the Telecommunications revolution and the struggles of a female African-American inventor who is fighting in … Continue reading